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LaKerrie Owens 
Executive Director / Founder / President

LaKerrie Owens, is the founder of Youth Conversion, Incorporated and an Alumni of the University of North Texas/Denton Campus and South Oak Cliff High School/Dallas, Texas.  She has spent over 25 years motivating and inspiring children, youth, teens and families to make positive and healthy life style choices.  It is through her belief in Christ, her compassion for others and willingness to serve that has led her to build an organization that provides the tools and resources to help strengthen the lives of others.She has been married to Sidney Owens for over 25 years and is the mother of two son, Sidney Owens II and Kylon Owens.

Sidney Owens 

Director of Male Mentoring 


Sidney Owens has spent over 13 years mentoring young males and guiding them into positive directions.  It is through his love of Christ, leadership and dedication that he has made a tremendous impact in the lives of the youth and families served through Youth Conversion, Incorporated.

Board Of Directors

LaKerrie Owens/President

Timothy Council

Jeanette Miles

Niccol Patterson

Leroy Quigg


Youth Conversion works in collaboration with the community. Our philosophy is "In order to build the Kingdom, we must work with the Kingdom Builders". In order to carry out our mssion we work with local school districts, churches, agencies and businesses. 

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